Welcome to Paraiso

Our goal is to make Paraiso a family-oriented, safe, and enjoyable community for all of our residents. In order to maintain the standards of the community, we have developed an easy to navigate set of Rules and Regulations. Please check them often for updates, come to board meetings to help make your community a better place, and reach out should you have any questions. Generally speaking, Paraiso Rules and Regulations either mirror or are close to many that you will find throughout Palm Beach County and surrounding neighborhoods.

Rules and Regulations for Paraiso Community:

  1. Parking – Paraiso has strict rules on street, grass, and overnight parking.
    1. Street Parking – No Parking on the street during overnight hours (Overnight is defined as 2AM – 6AM) Cars parked anywhere on the streets in the community overnight will be booted or towed.
    2. Grass – No parking on grass anywhere in the community even on your own property you are responsible for you guests and visitors. Fines will be levied.
  2. Trash & Recycling – Garbage and recycle bins must be brought out of sight the evening of garbage pickup. Trash receptacles (cans/bins) seen from the street will be considered to be not put away.  Landscape trimmings should be removed by your landscaping company. Landscape trimmings from the homeowner can not be placed curbside before 3 P.M. on Wednesday as landscape waste is collected on Thursdays. Yard waste placed before allowed times will be subject to fines as well as billing for pickup that Paraiso will arrange. 
  3. Landscaping – All lawns must be well manicured and as free of weeds as possible. 
    1. Edging must be maintained and flower beds must be symmetrical. 
    2. Overgrown areas must be cut back (sometimes less is more) and windows facing the road may not be covered with landscaping. Fines will be levied for violations.
  4. Changes to Property – All changes to your property must have an ARB Approval. i.e. Painting, Driveways, Landscaping, Fencing, windows, doors, garage doors. If ARB Approval has not been granted you may be asked to remove what was done. 
  5. Fencing – Any wooden fences that need repair must be replaced with a white PVC style fence No Exceptions. ARB Approval needed.
  6. Driveways – As of February 28, 2020 all driveways must be properly maintained. Asphalt driveways must be either replaced or repaired to the standards that were laid out by the board in one of our prior meetings. All concrete driveways must be cleaned and stain free. All paver driveways must be cleaned and free of weeds. Fines will be levied.
  7. Pets – If you own a pet, pursuant to Palm Beach County Ord. No. 98-22, § 4.4, they are required to be leashed at all times when outside of your fenced property.  Please pick up after your animals.  Animal waste stations are located in several areas of the community for your convenience. If you see someone not picking up after their dog, please either say something to them or let the community Property Mgr. know. 
  8. Front Gate – Please let your guests know about our system and that our gate arms do come down after every car. Visitors who damage the arm will be charged a minimum of $560.00.  The charge will be placed on the homeowner’s account if the vehicle can be associated with the property and the homeowner will be responsible. If damages are done and the vehicle cannot be associated with a property, legal action will be taken and the costs will substantially increase. 
  9. Vehicle Transponders – Only vehicles registered to this community we be able to purchase a transponder. Transponders are available at Campbell Property Management.  Valid registration will be required at time of issuance and the vehicle must be present.
  10. Leases – Leases for renters must be renewed every year before the anniversary date. Annual approval is needed. 
  11. Painting – Color palettes available at Sherman Williams on Palmetto Rd. ask for the Paraiso community pallet. No Exceptions to the colors that were selected will be allowed and no repainting of the same color if not one of the approved color schemes.
  12. Commercial Vehicles – No vehicle with any commercial writing is allowed to stay within the community overnight.  Writing on all vehicles must be covered. 
  13. Moving In – When moving in, no pods or moving trucks allowed to stay in driveway or street overnight.
  14. Gatherings/Parties – Palm Beach County ordinances are in effect in Paraiso.  Violation of County noise ordinances are grounds for not only County, but also fines from Paraiso.  




Signing below acknowledges receipt and understanding of the Rules and Regulations of Paraiso and will be kept on file with our Property Management company.  A copy is included in your welcome packet.


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