Paraiso is a small gated community with just 130 homes. We are conveniently located just south of Palmetto Park Road on 441, near hospitals, great schools, shops and more.

Board & Board Meetings

Paraiso’s Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer owners and owner/residents within the Community. They are tasked to watch over the Community, ensure Community standards are maintained, and work to make the Community the best place to live in Palm Beach County.

Board Members are owners and residents, too. They are held to the same standards as all property owners including fines, letters of violation, maintenance, and dues.

Your 2021-2022 Board is as follows:

Name Role
Steven Valancy President
Javier Mendez Vice President
Ted Franck Treasurer
Eduardo Duran Secretary
Daniel Altef Director

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held almost every last Tuesday of the month and are open to all owners/residents. Pursuant to Florida law, meeting time, date, and location are posted for property owners to view. The notice of the meeting will be posted here on our website, as well as on a placard that you can view at the center island to the left of the exit gates when exiting the community.

Prospective Owner/Tenant Interviews

All prospective owners and tenants to Paraiso are required to go through an interview process. Interviews will be held either the 2nd Wednesday of the month OR prior to the Board Meeting, if applicable. ALL members of the family (inclusive of minor children) must be in attendance.