Guidelines for Driveways

  • All Driveways must be concrete or pavers.
  • All driveways must be clean of stains.
  • All driveways must be clean of weeds.
  • All driveways must not have cracks.
  • All driveways must have clean straight-line edges.ny changes to driveways must be approved by the ARB Committee.


Guidelines for Landscaping

  • All areas designated for landscaping must have some kind of landscaping in them not only rock or mulch.
  • All areas must be symmetrical looking.
  • All planting areas must look clean with no overgrown landscaping.
  • All lawns and planting areas must be free of weeds.
  • All lawn edges must be edged and straight.


Guidelines for Mailboxes

  • Mailbox must be cleaned and maintained
  • Mailbox post specific to those in the remainder of the community.  Contact Beautiful Mailbox Company